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Meet Our Founder Angie in Honor of Women's History Month

by Angie Irish 04 Mar 2022
Meet Our Founder Angie in Honor of Women's History Month - OZNaturals

It’s Women’s History Month, so there is no better time than now to introduce our trailblazing founder, Angie Irish! As a licensed aesthetician and holistic researcher, Angie became frustrated with the “natural” product choices that were on the market. She found that no matter what the products promised, they were not up to her standards of efficacy, ethical ingredients, quality, and affordability. This realization led her to create her own line of products in 2013 that would hold the values and provide the results she wanted to see in a natural brand.

When she created OZNaturals®, she had both men and women in mind so that she could bring a powerful, eco-friendly, and affordable skincare routine to everyone that met every individual’s unique needs. Since OZN’s 2013 launch, the skincare industry has transformed drastically, but brands are still flooding the market with toxic ingredients that are harmful to the skin and environment. In response, Angie has held onto her intention of using high-quality ingredients and advanced formulations to provide you with the best skincare products.

As a female leader in the personal care and beauty industry, Angie has found it incredibly rewarding to see the widespread stunning results with everyone that tries her products and implements them into their daily routines. However, some of the most special moments she’s had as a founder have come with seeing close family, friends, and loved ones with sensitive skin finally experience the transformative, lasting results of OZN products.

It’s been nearly a decade of success, and Angie remains committed to doing what’s best for the planet by using conscious-driven, sustainable practices. This includes manufacturing through cold processing and choosing sustainable ingredients that are friendlier to the earth. OZNaturals®’s dedication to this mission ensures they hold their values close and allow their customers to feel good inside and out about the skincare product purchases they make.

OZN has grown into a community that reaches dozens of countries around the world and become a globally recognized brand. We’re thrilled to have a founder that celebrates inner and outer beauty as well as prioritizes the preservation of the natural beauty around us in our environment. We celebrate Angie this month during Women’s History Month – and every other month of the year!

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