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Taking Care of Skin of Color

The amount of information about skincare that can be found on the internet is practically endless – a Google search for “skincare” produces over half a billion results in less than a second. While there’s a lot of good information out there, and occasionally some bad, most of it takes on a one-size-fits all approach. For example, there’s plenty of advice about taking care of your skin at different stages of your life but none of it really touches on any of the factors that can make our skin unique – such as ethnicity.

People of color, meaning anyone with...

September 13, 2018 by Angela Irish

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Wellness Today

When it comes to health, many of us are planners. We like to plan for things like major dietary changes, new fitness routines or a major lifestyle switch. Planning and anticipating these types of changes can be a major morale boost and helps us feel optimistic about the future. The only problem is that sometimes, all that planning never makes it to the execution stage.

It turns out that we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to increasing wellness. That new diet you were excited about has a meal plan that’s too complicated or working in the time to...

August 29, 2018 by Angela Irish

Oral Contraceptives and Your Skin

We know that the appearance of our skin is often a direct reflection of something going on somewhere inside the body. Whether it’s an underlying health condition or occasional stress, the skin really is a mirror to your health. But sometimes, when our skin changes, it’s a result of something that we are doing or adding into the mix – for example, medications. It’s not at all uncommon to experience skin-health related side effects from medications. These effects can range from mild dryness and photosensitivity to a full on acne flare up.

One type of medication that we’ve come to...

August 14, 2018 by Angela Irish

How to Prevent Wrinkles

The fountain of youth. It’s something that many of us think about when we look in the mirror and start to notice those first few lines creeping up slowly, catching us off guard. Most of us want to stall those first signs of aging as long as possible but have little idea of how to keep them at bay. In desperation, we might even reach for the latest miracle cure, only to end up disappointed. So, what is the secret to the fountain of youth?

The first answer is to accept that maturing is a natural process and that it’s...

July 27, 2018 by Angela Irish

Fiber for Health and Beauty

Eat more fiber. It’s the advice that you’ve probably heard at least a millions times in your life – or so it seems. From your annual doctor visit to your favorite health blog, the topic of fiber comes up time and time again. Fiber is most famous for its effects on digestive health, but you might be surprised at all the ways adequate fiber intake supports your overall health and beauty. Let’s take a look at this nutritional miracle worker and find out why you really do need more of it in your life.

What Is Fiber Really?

Dietary fiber...

July 15, 2018 by Angela Irish

Are Your Phone and Computer Aging Your Skin?

We’ve all been hearing for a while now about the potential side effects of spending too much time in front of our computers and smartphone screens. The word is that the blue light is playing havoc with our sleep cycles and can cause some serious eye strain. Now, it appears that we have one more thing to add to list of consequences of our technology addiction – premature aging.

The Science of Blue Light

You might remember from science class that there is an entire electromagnetic spectrum of light that is defined by the wavelengths of energy produced by...

July 03, 2018 by Angela Irish

The Benefits of Sunlight

The long days of summer are upon us, and that means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun’s rays. But, wait a minute – sunshine is supposedly the nemesis of healthy skin, so shouldn’t we all be running for cover?

While, yes, it is important to protect your skin from the damaging effects of overexposure, it’s possible that sometimes, we get a little overzealous with our avoidance of the sun. A little bit of sunlight, in just the right doses, can actually be good for your skin. Let’s sit back, preferably with a glass of lemonade, and talk about all...

June 18, 2018 by Angela Irish

pH and Your Skin

Your skin is pretty amazing. Every single day it takes on the challenge of protecting you against injury, infection, environmental stress and toxins – talk about an overachiever. Thankfully, your skin is naturally designed with defense mechanisms to help handle this responsibility, one of which is an optimized pH level.

If it’s been a while since your last chemistry class, pH – which stands for the potential of hydrogen – is a numerical measurement of how acidic or alkaline something is. Your skin needs to have a specific pH to effectively fight off infections, inflammation and other irritants.

This is...

June 03, 2018 by Angela Irish

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Even people with perfect skin suffer from the occasional blemish, and many of us have dealt with full blown acne at some point in our lives. Acnes is unpleasant at best, and at its worst it can be painful and make even the most confident person feel a little self-conscious.

When acne strikes you want it to go away as fast as possible. To add insult to injury, once a blemish finally does disappear you’re left with discoloration that serves as a visible reminder for weeks, sometimes months.

Thankfully, most discolorations left after a blemish heals are temporary. They might...

May 21, 2018 by Angela Irish

How Stress Affects Your Skin

We hear a lot about stress these days and the role it plays in our health. This is probably because as a society, we’re dealing with an incredible amount of stress on a daily basis.

While daily stress has been a part of our lives for as long as anyone can remember, what we’re dealing with today often seems a little different. Our schedules are hectic as we push ourselves to do more, being constantly connected to technology comes with its own kind of stress and then there’s the unavoidable fact that almost every day there seems to be another...

May 07, 2018 by Angela Irish