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Are Facial Cleansers Necessary?

by Angela Irish 19 Nov 2019
Are Facial Cleansers Necessary? - OZNaturals

There’s just something that feels so incredible about starting the day with a freshly washed face. Taking the time to wash my face in the morning signals to the rest of me that it’s time to start the day. I always emerge feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Washing your face twice daily is also vital for your skin’s health and appearance. and, the products you use to cleanse your skin play a big role.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated facial cleanser as opposed to soap or just plain water? What if you already use a toner, mask, or exfoliator? What about people who claim to just use water? Is this cleanser business really just hype to make you spend money on a product you may not need?

The bottom line is that using a gentle cleanser that’s formulated for your skin type is an essential part of a healthy skincare routine. Here are just a few of the reasons why you always want to use a facial cleanser.

Soap Is Hard on Your Skin

If you’re thinking about skipping cleanser and just using bar soap, think again. While technically they are both designed to clean the skin, they are not created equal. In fact, there are many that would argue you shouldn’t use regular soap to cleanse the rest of your body, let alone your face.

While some soaps today are formulated to be gentler than they were in the past, they still contain ingredients that can create a less than friendly environment for your facial skin. Soaps have special binders that help them maintain their shape, along with other ingredients that can strip delicate facial skin.

Bar soaps generally have a higher pH level than facial cleansers. This is a problem because the skin is naturally slightly acidic, with a pH value of around 5.5. For reference, a pH of 7.0 is neutral, with the lower the number the more acidic, and higher numbers being more alkaline. This slightly acidic environment is necessary for the skin to maintain its protective acid mantle. The skin is constantly in a state of flux, trying to maintain just the right balance.

When you introduce a product that’s more alkaline into the mix, like soap, you disrupt the pH environment of your skin. The higher pH of soap works to neutralize the lower pH of the acid mantle, and you’re left with skin that feels dry and stripped of moisture, with a lifeless appearance. Because the acid mantle has been disrupted, you’re also more at risk of suffering dryness from the elements, sensitivity to skincare products and cosmetics, and clogged pores from the buildup of dead skin cells. All of this doesn’t exactly paint a very pretty picture.

Quality facial cleansers, such as those made by OZNaturals, have a pH level that’s balanced to work with the slightly acidic nature of your skin, rather than against it. In this way, facial cleansers protect your skin, where soap can leave it damaged and vulnerable to the elements.

Water Isn’t Enough

We all seem to know that one person who claims to do absolutely nothing to their skin yet walks around with a flawless complexion. For most of us, this isn’t the reality. Healthy looking skin takes a little bit of work and commitment. How we nourish it from the inside and take care of it on the outside, really make a difference in its health and appearance.

While water intake is crucial for healthy-looking skin, water alone isn’t enough when it comes to cleansing. Only a cleanser designed for your skin type is going to do the job of cleansing your skin properly.

For example, water alone isn’t enough to lift off and slough away dead skin cells accumulating on the surface of your skin. A buildup of dead skin cells can make your complexion look dull, lifeless, and can accentuate fine lines – and this is a best-case scenario. Dead skin cells can also settle into pores, where they mix with oil and dirt and lead to acne.

A high-quality facial cleanser also helps to keep your skin properly balanced and provides a nice, even canvas for any other skincare products and cosmetics you apply. Plus, a facial cleanser for your skin type will help to alleviate any skincare issues you’re currently dealing with.

Quality Matters with Facial Cleansers

If you’re worried about blowing the budget on a cleanser that doesn’t do the job, you can relax. You can find a cleanser that focused on quality, purity, and integrity for well under $20. OZNaturals cleansers use gentle, natural ingredients in formulas that have been designed with integrity and respect for your skin and the world around us. It’s all about balance, in life and in skincare. Choose quality facial cleansers that do the job of protecting your skin and beautifying the world around you.

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