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How Does Skin Type Affect My Skincare Products?

by Angela Irish 28 Oct 2019
How Does Skin Type Affect My Skincare Products? - OZNaturals

When it comes to skincare, the options can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into choosing skin care products, and in the end, it’s a very personal decision. Some people prefer big brand name products that promise serious results, without too much concern over what ingredients those products contain, or how the results are achieved. Others head straight for natural skin care products by companies they know and trust. Either way, what matters most when choosing your skin care products is something that often causes some confusion: your skin type and how it should affect your product choices.  

Why Skin Type Matters When Choosing Skin Care Products

We’ve all been there. You’ve heard about a great brand, or maybe it was recommended to you by a trusted friend. You’re excited to try it, but there are so many different formulas, and you aren’t sure which fits your skin the best. So, you either reach for one that targets your most troublesome skin woes, or grab the one for normal skin, figuring that at least it shouldn’t make any problems worse.

The problem with guessing with skin care products is that you often don’t end up with the results that you’re looking for. Because a complete skin care routine can be a bit of an investment, and you may stick to it because of the money you’ve spent, even if the results aren’t ideal. Unfortunately, this is something that can often compound and make your skin care issues even worse.

There are 5 main types of skin. These include normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin. Some people would also add aging skin to the list since it comes with its own set of challenges. The goal of good skin care is to balance your skin and create a healthy environment where it thrives and its most radiant self-shines through.

Today, the skin care market is flooded with products that are uber targeted, which is great for solving skin care issues but creates a bit of a mess when trying to decide which products are best for your skin. Take for example, someone with dry skin. You’ll find skin care products for dry skin that’s caused by environmental factors, like the weather, and you’ll also find products for dry, aging skin, which treat the issue in an entirely different way.

Knowing your skin type, along with the possible causes of your individual skin concerns, can help you choose the skin care products that are best suited for your needs.

How to Tell If Your Skin Care Products Are No Longer Working

In a perfect world, we would find the skin care products that we love, and they would work perfectly forever. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and skin changes over time – sometimes faster than others. This means that the skin care products you fell in love with just a few years ago might not be performing the same level of magic they once did.

Instead of getting frustrated with your skin when this happens, it’s time to be a little gentler with yourself and reassess your skin type so you can develop a skin care routine that brings out your most beautiful self.

Here are a few telltale signs that your skin care isn’t working for your skin type:

Your skin hurts. It’s always a bad sign if your skin hurts in any way after cleansing or using other skin care products on it. It could be a sign that the product is either too drying or contains ingredients that are too harsh for your skin type.

Your skin feels tight. That tightness that makes you feel like you just received a mini facelift isn’t a good thing. It means too much moisture has been stripped from your skin and this can lead to dryness or an overproduction of oil.

You’re noticing inflammation: Whether it’s some red patches around your nose or an increase of inflammatory acne, skin care that’s designed for your skin should provide relief from these issues, not make them worse.

Breakouts are increasing. This might happen when your skin care products are too harsh and drying for your skin, prompting a boost in oil production. It can also happen when you use moisturizing products that aren’t designed for your skin type.

Your skin looks dull. Maybe it’s just an overall dullness or lifelessness that your skin has taken on. Your skin care products are either too drying, or not working to remove the buildup of dead skin, while rejuvenating your skin from below the surface.

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products Based on Skin Type

When choosing skin care products for your skin type, the most important thing to remember is that you understand your skin type, and its problem areas, better than anyone else. If you feel a product isn’t really designed for your individual skin type, even if it promises miracles, skip it and move on to something you trust to work.

Before you begin your search for the ultimate skin care products, assess your skin with an unbiased point of view. Remember skin changes, and just because you were battling a constant oily sheen just a year or two ago doesn’t mean that your skin is still classified as oily. The wash test, where you wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, and then notice has it has reacted 30 minutes to two hours later, is great simple tool for determining your skin type. Another simple way to asses your skin type is to take our Skin Care Quiz.

Finally, don’t buy into all the hype. As much as we would all love it to be true, there simply isn’t a miracle skin care treatment out there that is right for everyone. If a claim sounds too good to be true, it is. Stick with natural, gentle ingredients that have a proven reputation for improving skin – like vitamin C, retinols, and hyaluronic acid.

Take the Time to Get to Know Yourself

One of the most rewarding parts of maturing is discovering all the many ways you’ll change over time. Your skin deserves the same honor and respect as the rest of your body. Take care of your skin, choose skin care products that are designed for your unique skin type, and never take it for granted. Treat it right and your skin will serve as a beautiful outer shell that shows the world just how radiant you are, inside and out.


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