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How to Combat Springtime Breakouts

by John Molina 08 Apr 2022
How to Combat Springtime Breakouts - OZNaturals

Springtime brings with it warmer weather, longer days and more sun! It’s time to go outside and enjoy activities you were unable to do during the winter. And after being cooped up for months, you’ll likely want to exercise outdoors and play sports. But it’s essential to take extra measures in caring for your skin. Springtime breakouts are real, and we’ve developed an easy-to-follow  guide to help combat them.

Put Your Hair Up

When you exercise, the products you use in your hair release from your scalp and run down your forehead. These oils can get trapped in your pores and lead to blockage. Eventually, you will start to see breakouts and blackheads. To prevent pimples from popping up, wear a sweat-absorbing headband or tie your hair up. This method is not only easy but can make a fashion statement that complements your gym outfits.

Wash Your Face ASAP

As soon as you finish working out, thoroughly wash your body and pay extra mind to deeply cleanse the areas where you may have sweat the most. The best results come from taking a shower with cold water. You’ll get a refreshing rinse, and your skin will hold onto more hydration to preserve a youthful, radiant glow. But, we all have busy lives so sometimes a moist toilette can be the better solution when on the run. This method is also great for combating back acne.

Use Sunscreen Daily

It is a common misconception to only apply sunscreen at the beach. Our skin is fighting UV rays every time we go outside. So wear your SPF whenever you leave the house. A lot of the lotions made today contain SPF 15, which is helpful in protecting your skin. Although every area exposed to the sun should be covered, your hands and face are the most delicate, so it’s vital to ensure they aren’t overlooked.

Combating Springtime breakouts is easier than you may think. Following these steps above is the perfect way for you to escape the dryness of the winter months and dive headfirst into the warmer seasons.

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