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Is Facial Exfoliation Necessary?

by Angela Irish 17 Dec 2019
Is Facial Exfoliation Necessary? - OZNaturals

Exfoliation. It’s a hot topic when it comes to skincare. Most of us have our first introduction with exfoliation at some point in our adolescent years when we get this idea into our heads that if we scrub our skin hard enough the impurities will magically vanish and acne will be a thing of the past.

If this was your first experience with exfoliants, it probably didn’t take you long to realize that the gritty, super abrasive type exfoliants did more harm than good for your skin. Fast forward a number of years, and the topic of exfoliation is once again on the table. This time, you know a bit more about exfoliation, along with the different types and how some are gentler than others. Still, you’re not entirely convinced that exfoliation is a necessary step in your skincare routine. You want to know if the exfoliation craze is all hype, or if there’s really something behind the skincare trend.

Not All Exfoliation Is the Same

If you’ve stayed away from exfoliation because you’ve heard that harsh, gritty exfoliators are bad for your skin, you’d be absolutely correct. Scrubs that are made with sharp, abrasive bits such as walnut shells can damage the skin, causing irritation, among other problems.

When you use harsh exfoliators, you’re actually scratching the skin’s surface, leaving tiny micro-abrasions behind. This leads to issues like inflammation and possibly infection – both of which can make conditions like acne even worse.

So, if the question of whether exfoliation is really necessary involves harsh, gritty exfoliants, then the answer is no, not at all. However, that isn’t really the type of exfoliation we’re talking about here. What we are referring to is the type of exfoliation that gently lifts dead skin cells from the surface, without damaging the skin beneath.

This type of exfoliation is something that’s beneficial for your skin when done on a regular basis. There are three different methods of exfoliation that you can include in your regular skincare routine. The first is physical exfoliation, which includes the harsher products mentioned above, but can also include skincare products that contain non-abrasive skin polishers and gentle exfoliation beads. There are also chemical and enzymatic exfoliants that work to loosen the “glue” that holds dead skin cells to the surface without any damage to the skin itself.

Now that we have that covered, let’s look at why exfoliation is a necessary part of your skincare routine, along with the many benefits it provides to your skin.

Why Your Skin Needs Regular Exfoliation

At any given moment, your skin is covered in layers of dead skin cells. When we’re younger, our skin cells regenerate and shed themselves at a pretty steady clip. This is why you don’t see too many teens running around with dull, lifeless looking complexions. However, by the time we reach our twenties, and definitely by our 30s, the process of cellular regeneration begins to slow. By the time you reach 30, there’s a good chance that the cells on the surface of your skin have been dead for about a month.

Sounds unpleasant, right? As these lifeless cells accumulate on the surface, they hide some of the natural radiance of your skin. As a result, your complexion might look a little gray and lifeless. But the problem with dead skin cells goes even deeper. These pesky cells can stand in the way of your skin absorbing all the beneficial nutrients you supply it with, and they can settle into pores where the become the seeds of acne and premature aging. Fortunately, there is a simple enough solution to all of this – exfoliation.

Exfoliation steps in and takes over where nature left off. It’s the essential boost your skin needs to reveal the fresher, more vibrant skin. It’s a vital step in keeping your skin healthy while minimizing the earliest signs of aging.

Exfoliation Encourages Cell Turnover

If you need only one reason why exfoliation is necessary, this is it. One of the keys to healthy skin that can affect how your skin ages is cellular turnover. As we age, this process slows down. Using a gentle exfoliator on a regular basis helps keep the process happening at a healthy pace.

Purifies Pores

Clogged pores equal problem skin. There are the usual suspects when it comes to clogged pores, like excess oil, dirt, makeup, and skincare products that aren’t formulated to not block pores. There’s one thing missing from this list – dead skin. It doesn’t sound pretty, but dead skin cells can settle into your pores, where they mix with all the other debris and cause problems. Regular exfoliation can help keep pores clean and clear.

Helps Your Skincare Do Its Job

Today’s skincare formulas contain active ingredients that need to penetrate the upper layers of skin if they’re going to live up to their promises. Layers of dead skin can stand in the way of this happening. By making exfoliation a regular part of your skincare routine, you’re lifting off those layers of lifeless skin cells and enabling your products to do the job they were designed to do.

Even Skin Tone

An uneven skin tone can drag down your complexion faster than just about anything else. Rather than slather on creams and cosmetics to try to even things out, a better approach is to attack at the root of the problem, which is often dry, lifeless skin. Exfoliation removes layers of dead skin cells that can leave your skin splotchy and grayish looking.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

What’s standing between you and the beautiful skin you want to show the world? If it’s layers of old, lifeless skin cells, regular exfoliation is a step you can take to make your skin the healthiest it has ever been. The right exfoliation product can completely transform your skin, and it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed. When it comes to the health of your skin, holding onto evidence of the past (dead skin cells) isn’t the way to go. Choose a gentle exfoliator such as those designed by OZNaturals to put your best face forward.

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