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Must-Have Greens to Incorporate in Your Diet for Beautiful Skin

by John Molina 25 Mar 2022

Many of us have been told since we were young that it’s essential to get our greens in. Cartoons like Popeye have made it seem that this is solely for strength building and muscle growth, but these fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients that optimize our health inside and out. Specifically, they can actually help your skin glow.

Eat these greens for beautiful skin.


Celery is composed mostly of water, so it helps to hydrate your skin inside and out. The difference here between drinking a glass of water and eating celery is that celery has plenty of vitamins and minerals that also help to nourish the skin. It can also help fight against ine lines and wrinkles. Try eating celery sticks for a snack, drinking it as a juice daily, or enjoying it as “ants on a log” for a midday or late night treat. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this vital veggie!


This superfood is absolutely packed with nutrients – it contains high volumes of Vitamins A, B, C, and K to start. It also contains antioxidants and phytonutrients. This powerful blend helps to reduce inflammation and the appearance of dark circles, promote collagen production for skin elasticity, and overall skin detoxification. The leafy green can also increase cell turnover for optimal health and tighten pores for a perfectly smooth skin surface.


Soothe the skin with this calming green. This refreshing snack reduces swelling, puffiness, and inflammation. It also contains properties that may cause any irritation, making it ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Lastly, like celery, cucumber is incredibly hydration to help lock in moisture as well as fight signs of aging.

These are just 3 of the most essential greens you should eat to start your journey to radiant, glowy skin. Inconcorporate at least one of them every day, and you’ll see lasting, beautiful results. Plus, you should always strive to eat the rainbow, so add plenty of colorful fruits and veggies into your diet once you make these regulars and want to add in new ones.

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