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Skincare New Year’s Resolutions

by Angela Irish 29 Dec 2016
Skincare New Year’s Resolutions - OZNaturals

It is the beginning of a new year, and that means it’s the perfect time to commit to making positive changes in your life. This time of year it seems everyone has a list of New Year’s resolutions and the best intentions of sticking to it. All too often, however,  those resolutions get pushed aside just a few weeks into the New Year. I have a theory on why this happens. I believe that there probably aren’t enough resolutions for self care on your list. You have to take care of yourself first and make yourself a priority before you can begin to tackle all of the other big resolutions on your list. So, this year why don’t you try making “taking care of me” your number one resolution? One of the best places to start is with your skin. One of the nice things about committing to taking care of your skin is that you will be able to see and feel the results almost instantly. Here is a list of simple, but important skin care resolutions that you can make starting today and carry through the rest of the year and beyond.

Start Fresh

New Year, new you. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to simply start from scratch. Whether you already have a solid skin care routine, or you have no idea of where to even begin, these resolutions will help set you on the path for excellent skin care that works for you.

Pamper Yourself

The holidays, although festive and enjoyable, are also almost always stressful and exhausting. It is difficult to start fresh when you are still carrying around all of the mental weight of the past year. Why not start the year by treating yourself to your favorite spa treatment. This is also a good time to speak with a professional about recommendations for skin care routines and even their opinions about skin care products. If the holidays have left your wallet a little too light to be able to afford a spa day, there is still no reason that you can’t pamper yourself a little, by recreating the atmosphere in your own home for a fraction of the cost. Light candles, scent olive or coconut oil with your favorite essential oils, make gentle all natural facial masks and body scrubs and set the environment with whatever makes you feel relaxed. Make the date with yourself and take it seriously. Allow yourself this time to relax, recharge and feel beautiful.

Evaluate Your Skin and Identify Goals

Once a year you should stand in front of mirror and honestly evaluate the health and condition of your skin. Remember as you do this that you are not to criticize yourself, but rather look for areas that you can improve on and evaluate if your current skin care routine is still relevant for your current skin type. Maybe you have a moisturizer that you have loved for years, but if you are honest, you may find it is not working for you as well as it once did. Maybe your cleanser is drying out your skin and causing a little redness that wasn’t always there. Every year your skin changes just a little. Factors such as age, hormones, weather, air quality, stress and diet can change your skin. It is important to regularly take a look at the products that you are using, even your old standbys, to make sure they are working for you rather than against you. This is also a good time to think about your values when it comes to skin care products. Do you prefer natural products and those produced by companies that do not engage in animal testing? Now is the time to research skin care companies and switch to those that support your basic ideals.

Evaluate and Rethink Trends

Just because it is the hot beauty topic right now doesn’t mean that it is meant for everyone. Unfortunately, many of us have cabinets and drawers full of trendy products that we used only once or twice. This year, make a commitment to honor your skin and the style of beauty that feels comfortable and natural to you. Go through your stash and discard what you haven’t used, and then make the promise to not jump on board with every new trend that passes by.

Clear Out What Isn’t Working

This is a natural consequence of evaluating your skin and cleaning out your beauty stash, but it deserves a spot of its own. If you have products that are not working for your skin, there is no reason to hold onto them. It can be difficult to toss something that you spent hard-earned money on, but if it doesn’t work for you then keeping it sitting there on your shelf is not doing you any good. If you absolutely hate parting with something, see if there is someone that you can pass it along too, as long as there isn’t a risk of bacterial contamination from your fingers or other beauty tools. You don’t need products that don’t work and you don’t need a dozen different eye creams. A simple routine with just your true skin care essentials will be the easiest to stick to on a daily basis.

Promise to Be Consistent

Want to know what ranks among the top skin care sins? The answer is inconsistency. Your skin care routine will only work if you are consistent with it every day. Also, switching products regularly can cause havoc for your skin. Find the routine that works best for you and stick with it on a regular basis.


If you don’t already see a dermatologist on an annual basis, now is the time to start. A dermatologist will not only guide you to achieving the healthiest skin possible, but they are also trained to look for the smallest of changes that could be early signs of skin cancer. Make an appointment with a dermatologist for a whole body skin screening once a year.


The Little Daily Commitments

Sometimes the biggest changes can be made when you pay attention to the little daily details. Here are some of the most important daily resolutions you can make for healthy skin.


Most of us think to apply sunscreen when we are going to the park or the beach, but many of us forget to apply it to protect our skin against daily sun exposure. Your skin is exposed to damaging UV rays even on cloudy days, in the winter and when you are indoors near a window. Your skin should always be protected, preferably with an SPF30 formulation such as OZNaturals Age Defying Moisturizing or Tinted Sunscreens. For the best protection, sunscreen should be reapplied every few hours, especially if you will be outdoors or near a window with good exposure to the sun.

Moisturize All Over

Don’t limit your good intentions to just your face. Keep your skin soft and smooth by moisturizing from head to toe every day. For the best results, apply an all over body moisturizer right after you get out of the shower or bath. Every skin type can benefit from a good daily moisturizing treatment. Try our Olive & Jojoba Oil Body Souffle or Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Body Butter for a daily treat!


When you were a child your skin completely renewed itself at a much faster rate than it does as an adult. The best way to regain that youthful glow is to use a gentle exfoliation product such as our Ancient Orient Dermafoliant once or twice a week. This will help to clear away all of the dead skin cells and the dirt and oil that gets trapped beneath them, which will enable all of your other skin care products to work more effectively.

Prepare for Shut Eye

Consider your evening to routine to be just as important as your morning routine. Make a resolution to never go to bed with makeup on your face. Use a gentle natural cleanser such as our Vitamin C Facial Cleanser or Ocean Mineral Cleanser to remove makeup and remove all of the dirt, oil and impurities that have accumulated throughout the day. Nighttime is also perfect for restorative moisturizers and hydration masks.

Take Care of Your Tools

Clean your cosmetic brushes and sponges once a week and replace them as they become worn. Using your fingers as applicators can transfer bacteria into your products. Now is also a good time to think about adding sponges or other tools to apply products such as foundation, concealer, blush and even moisturizers that you typically apply by fingertip. If you still prefer a fingertip application, use a small spatula or cotton swab to transfer the product from the container to your fingers.

Don’t neglect your hands

Your hands can show age faster than any other spot on your body. They are also exposed to more harsh chemicals than any other part of your body. Hand soaps, fragrances, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, constant washing and exposure to harsh weather can all take its toll on your beautiful hands. Give yourself a pampering manicure and then take care of your hands on a daily basis by moisturizing regularly and don’t forget to put sunscreen on them, especially while in the car.


Lifestyle Commitments

How your skin looks on the outside starts with how your treat your body on the inside. Making a resolution to take care of your physical and emotional health is almost always a guarantee that you will be rewarded with healthier skin. There are four major categories of lifestyle changes that are important for healthy skin. Here are some resolution ideas for each of them.


  • Aim to get at least 8 hours every day
  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day
  • Develop a relaxing nightly routine that includes no technology and lots of soothing sights, sounds and scents.
  • Use restorative products to help renew your skin while you sleep.


  • Learn how to say yes to saying no. Stop overcommitting yourself to the point that it stresses you out.
  • Develop a new healthy stress coping mechanism such as mediation, mindfulness, journaling, etc.
  • Don’t keep it inside. When stress stays pent up inside, it can be damaging to your health. Find someone that you can confide in, or vent to. This might be a friend, family member, therapist or member of a support group.


  • Drink at least eight to ten 8 ounce glasses a day.
  • Choose water instead of soda or other sugar drinks.
  • Flavor your water with slices of fruit or herbs.
  • Moderate your caffeine consumption, which can dehydrate you and your skin.


  • Eat foods that support skin health, such as foods rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Choose natural foods over processed foods.
  • Limit the amount of salt, sugar, fats and alcohol that you consume. All of these can cause inflammation, breakouts and damage the support structure of the skin.

This list as a whole might seem a little overwhelming at first, but really each one of these resolutions is just one simple small step that you can take to have the healthiest, most radiant skin possible. In order for a resolution to work, it needs to be something that is realistically attainable and something that you can see or feel the results of. Each of these suggestions is meant to be just that. Start small and choose just a couple to start with. By taking even the smallest of steps you will see major changes within just a couple of weeks. This year is the year that you should feel good about your skin; this year is the year that you make yourself a priority. This is year is going to be beautiful.

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