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Special Event Skincare Prep for All of Your Upcoming Holiday Parties

by John Molina 20 Dec 2023

It’s the holiday season! This means it’s time for all of the fun festivities you’ve looked forward to all year, from company celebrations and friendly gift exchanges to formal family bashes and cocktail parties. With all the glitz and glamour, you’ll want to pay extra attention to keep your skin looking its best.

Here are our top tops for ensuring your skin is celebration-ready each day, so that nothing puts a damper on the merrymaking.


Deeply Cleanse & Exfoliate

Whether you’re wearing thicker layers of makeup than usual for special occasions or find yourself breaking out as a result of indulging in delicious holiday treats, it’s always helpful to pay extra mind to cleansing and exfoliating during this time of year.

Make sure you’re deeply cleansing the skin twice a day with something gentle enough to sure as needed when your skin requires a refresher. Then, scrub the face with a gentle exfoliator one to three times a week to wash away dry, dead skin cells. These essential steps will ensure you have a clean canvas where you can layer nourishing products on top of for best results.

Implement a Face Mask Each Week

Treat your skin to a little extra TLC after a long week of work, holiday shopping, and celebrating. A weekly face mask will help you relax and unwind between all of the merriment as well as purify and renew the skin every few days, or as needed.

A high-quality mask treatment will clear out pores, rebalance the skin, and provide a necessary boost of hydration and nourishment, leaving your skin good to go for all of your favorite serums, moisturizers and treatments that follow.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure that while you’re caring for your skin, you’re also caring for your body. Inner and outer hydration are both essential, so while you should always be using your moisturizer and eye gel daily, you should also be mindful to drink plenty of filtered water.

Proper hydration will ensure you’re flushing out toxins and providing a deep hydration that can only come from providing your skin cells with the extra H2O it craves.

‘Tis the season for stunning skin, day in and day out. Give your skin a little extra love this holiday season while you enjoy all the festive celebrations that come with it. It will ensure you end the year on a high note and step into the new year ready to take on the world.

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