Ozone Spa Facial Services

$70 USD

30-minute “A Little Me Time” Facial $70

For those who need some “me time” but only have a limited amount of it...

30-minute relaxation facial.  First, your aesthetician will consult with you and analyze your skin’s needs in choosing the appropriate products to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and treat your skin, using a targeted mask and serum infused with red-infrared light therapy to boost collagen production, concluding with an eye treatment and moisturizer for hydration and protection.

60-minute “More Me Time” Facial $120

More time to indulge?

Choose two of our “Enhancements” from our menu of a wide range of additional modalities, from therapeutic techniques and high-performance ingredients, to the latest in non-invasive technology. 

90-minute “Give It A Glow” Facial $160

When an hour just isn’t enough...

Want to glow for days?  Further customize your unique facial treatment by adding three “Enhancements” to maximize the synergistic effects of our superior ingredients with advanced therapies and modalities.

120-minute “Complete Renewal” Facial $195

Completely disconnect from it all...

Continue personalizing your own signature facial by choosing four of our “Enhancements” for the ultimate in a renewed complexion and rejuvenated mind and spirit.

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