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Acne Prone Breakout Treatment

Tips for acne- and breakout-prone skin

As anyone who has it knows, breakout-prone skin can be challenging. Just when you think you have a handle on it, it can erupt, seemingly for no reason. Of course, this usually happens before an event or occasion when you want to look your best.

While there are no easy fixes, establishing the right clear skin treatment – and sticking with it – can bring clearer skin in a matter of weeks.

Using a gentle cleanser and non-alcohol toner twice a day are the foundation of a good strategy against breakouts.  OZNaturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser is a good choice for deeply cleaning pores without stripping the skin and triggering more oil production.  The organic sulfur and glycolic acid in our Ocean Mineral Tonic can help further by penetrating the pores and encouraging skin cell turnover.

It’s unfortunate that many products advertised as helping reduce break outs or get rid of acne are harsh and contain irritants that can actually make the situation worse.  Drying bar soaps, alcohol toners, and aggressive scrubbing can do more harm than good.  Pore strips may seem like appealing solution to blackheads, but they don’t get to the root of the problem.

Retinol is one breakout treatment that has also been shown to help unclog pores, fight blackheads and reduce breakouts.  Our Pro-Retaxinol retinol serum can penetrate the deepest levels of the skin, increasing cell turnover and exposing newer, fresher skin.  Use nightly after cleansing and toning, and remember to always use an SPF 30 sunscreen daily when using any retinol product.

Gently exfoliating two to three times a week is another important step.  Avoid harsh scrubs – the irritation can stimulate nerve endings which cause hormones to step up oil production. Using our Ancient Orient Dermafoliant two to three times a week keeps dead skin cells from building up and clogging pores.

Many acne sufferers think they don’t need to use a moisturizer since their skin is obviously producing oil.  But skin still needs hydration and antioxidants, and allowing it to dry out will only stimulate more oil production.  It’s a good idea to avoid rich formulations, especially in breakout-prone areas, but a lightweight moisturizer, such as OZNaturals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer is a good choice to use after cleansing, toning and any serum application.

As tempting as it is, it’s generally better not to try to remove pimples or blackheads yourself by pinching or squeezing.  You can damage your skin and it can lead to further irritation.  Patience and good skin care will yield the best results. 

In fact it’s a good idea to keep your hands away from your face in general.  Our hands are carrying around billions of bacteria at any given time, which can easily get transferred onto our faces.  Those bacteria play a huge role in breakouts.  Always wash your hands before applying makeup or whenever you need to touch your face. Be sure to wash your pillowcase frequently too.

All OZNaturals skin care products are non-comedogenic and contain no lanolin or mineral oil.  We’re on your side when it comes to the fight against breakouts – and together we’ll win the battle! Shop our selection of acne prone skin products today and take your first step towards healthy skin!