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Dull Skin Solutions

Attacking dullness

Dullness and loss of “glow” rank among the most common complaints people have about their skin. If you are hoping to learn how to get rid of dull skin, there are actionable steps you can take to alleviate this problem. One of the simplest and most important is exfoliation. Keep reading to discover how to make your skin glow and regain its youthful radiance!

Proper exfoliation is one of the most effective steps you can take to see a noticeable improvement in your skin.  Perhaps the most satisfying thing about proper exfoliation is the instant payoff.  Skin immediately feels smoother and looks brighter, but important long-term benefits also keep accruing.

Exfoliation works by removing built-up dead skin cells, revealing new skin.  Our skin naturally sheds millions of dead cells every day, allowing newer cells to travel to the surface to replace them.  Aging and sun damage can slow the rate at which natural exfoliation occurs, allowing a build-up of dead skin cells to accumulate.  The result is dull, lifeless looking skin.

By gently removing these excess dead cells, the skin’s appearance and health is improved.  In addition, the removal of the dead cells speeds the skin’s renewal process and allows younger, healthier skin cells to take their place. This process is one of the most effective dull skin treatments. In addition, one of the biggest payoffs to exfoliation is that serums and other skin care products are better absorbed, work more effectively, and produce even more beautiful results.

OZNaturals Ancient Orient Enzyme Dermafoliant with Lactic Acid, B5, and Green Tea Extract is specifically designed to combat dullness.  This gentle exfoliant effectively cleans, removes congestion, and brightens the skin.  The unique, powder formula activates when mixed with water, which not only gently exfoliates, but also delivers alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants to boost results, and leave skin soft and luminous.

Adding antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, into your skincare regimen is another important step to address dullness. Antioxidants attack free radicals, which are responsible for most of the visible signs of aging, including dullness. OZNaturals has products that incorporate Vitamin C into every step in your skincare regimen, including our Vitamin C Cleanser, best-selling Vitamin C Serum, both our Sea Infused and Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer, and restorative Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask.  

Retinol is another powerful weapon in the fight against dullness. This natural form of Vitamin A increases cell turnover to help improve luminosity and glow. Adding our Pro-Retaxinol Retinol Serum and Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer to your nighttime skincare regimen will help banish dullness while you sleep!

Dullness doesn’t have to be a fact of life for aging or tired skin. A sound skincare strategy, using effective natural products, and following these simple skin care tips can bring back the glow in a matter of weeks.