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Natural Facial Moisturizers

Which OZNaturals Moisturizer is best for me?

The type of moisturizer you select will depend on your skin type and skincare concerns. Lighter weight formulations are best for oily and combination skin, while richer formulations nourish dry and aging skin. Regardless of your skin type, you should look for natural facial moisturizers that are rich in antioxidants and contain skin repairing ingredients. Ingredients to avoid include lanolin and petroleum-based products such as mineral oil, which can clog pores and cause breakouts.

OZNaturals Sea Infused Herbal all-natural moisturizer provides lightweight hydration and is ideal for oily and combination skin, although it is beneficial for all skin types. In addition to its moisturizing capabilities, it has been formulated to deliver superior antioxidant and skin repairing benefits. Vitamin C and blueberry extract protect against photo-aging and damage from free radicals, while algae keratin extract helps maintain healthy collagen. This moisturizer is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fruit extracts that help to soothe, heal, and promote anti-aging in a more natural way.

OZNaturals Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer is a richer formulation that contains retinol to speed up cell turnover, rid the dead layer of skin cells that cause dullness, and help make skin plumper and younger looking. Using a moisturizer with retinol is an extremely beneficial step for anyone concerned about wrinkles, skin texture, pore size or dark spots. A must in anti-aging skincare, this form of Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, and one of the most thoroughly researched skin care ingredients available. OZNaturals Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer contains an effective concentration of retinol, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to deliver a powerful and effective cocktail of anti-aging treatments. Sensitive skin types may want to start by using every other night and work up to a twice daily routine. You should be using sunscreen already, but daily use is a must with any retinol product.

What makes OZNaturals Moisturizers the best?

You can’t read a beauty article or see an advertisement for a skin care product without seeing terms like “free radicals” and “antioxidants” tossed about. The average consumer is probably pretty sure free radicals are bad, and antioxidants are good…and that’s about where it ends. However, the science behind oxidation – and how it affects your skin and body -- is actually pretty fascinating. Knowing how a moisturizer with antioxidants can improve your skin will make you a more educated consumer, and improve your chances of choosing great skin care products.

Free radicals are created by the process of oxidation. During oxidation, one molecule loses an electron and one gains an electron. Free radicals are those molecules missing an electron. They go on a hunt to steal electrons from other areas in the body to make themselves whole again. In tissue such as our skin, this can lead to damage and premature aging. Instead of the apple slice turning brown, we see age spots, uneven texture, lines and wrinkles.

This is where moisturizers with antioxidants come to the rescue. Antioxidants have the ability to neutralize free radicals by giving them that missing electron they’re looking for. The good news is that antioxidants not only stop free radical damage from occurring, but can actually repair damage that has already happened.

Younger skin has a naturally higher antioxidant content which provides protection from the environment. As we age, and especially as we are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, pollution and stress, we begin to produce fewer and fewer antioxidants. It seems unfair – just when we need them the most, our natural production of antioxidants declines! By using an antioxidant-rich moisturizer you can help reverse the effects of diminishing antioxidants in your skin.

There are many sources for antioxidants, and OZNaturals uses the best including vitamins A, C and E, green tea, aloe, and other plant extracts. The entire OZNaturals skin care line, including our Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer and Super Youth Retinol Moisturizer, are infused with a variety of potent, proven antioxidants to provide the most effective prevention and repair regimen possible.

Why use a natural moisturizer?

Central to our mission at OZNaturals is our dedication to creating high quality, effective skincare products that are affordable. For us, that means not compromising when it comes to seeking out the best natural and plant-based raw ingredients, developing the most effective formulations and using the highest quality lab. Natural ingredients can be more expensive because they are sourced from ecologically friendly suppliers and often produced in small batches. Because they are so important to the overall health and vitality of the skin, we feel it is worth the effort to source the very best.

At the heart of our moisturizer formulations are antioxidants. Antioxidants play a vitally important part of any anti-aging skin care routine. They work by scavenging for free radicals, which are unstable molecules caused by oxidation. Oxidation is the chemical process, which causes visible signs of aging such as age spots, lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture and tone. Antioxidants not only stop free radical damage from occurring, but can actually repair damage that has already happened.

There are many sources for antioxidants in skin care products. At OZNaturals we search out the most natural antioxidant sources, and incorporate them into state-of-the-art formulations to deliver the most effective skin care possible.

In addition to these super star antioxidants, OZNaturals uses many other highly effective natural ingredients in our moisturizer formulations, including blueberry extract, algae extract, rose hips, aloe, shea butter, mango seed butter and carrot root extract. Regardless of which OZNaturals moisturizer you use in your skin care regimen, you can be assured that you are receiving the protective and anti-aging benefits of the best natural ingredients available.

The OZNaturals Difference

Because our antioxidant-rich formulations are the heart of OZNaturals moisturizers, we understand the importance of keeping these effective ingredients fresh and stable. Simply put, once exposed to air, the antioxidants in any skincare product, including moisturizers, quickly degrade and become less effective. That’s why it is virtually useless to use a moisturizer with antioxidants that comes in jar packaging. While it might look pretty sitting on a bathroom shelf, that jar of moisturizer is not doing you any good once it has been opened.

OZNaturals packages our moisturizers in light-resistant and air-tight tube packaging to make sure the beneficial ingredients we include in our formulations stay potent and effective during the life of the product. It’s simply unconscionable that many “luxury” skincare products that charge one hundred dollars (or more!) for their moisturizers don’t follow this common sense practice.

It’s also well known that many high-end luxury brands spend far more on their packaging than they do on what actually goes into those fancy jars and boxes. If the packaging looks over the top, you can be certain that you, the consumer, is paying for it.

At OZNaturals, we prioritize our resources on the highest quality natural ingredients available and the most advanced formulations. Then we keep our packaging simple and straightforward and designed to ensure our products stay fresh and efficacious.

Why use a moisturizer?

Using a high-quality moisturizer on a daily basis can be key to improving the way your skin looks and feels. Too often people with combination or oily skin skip this important step. Even those with dry skin sometimes think they can just rely on their serum or foundation instead of a dedicated moisturizer. In reality, every skin type can benefit greatly from the hydration and protection of the epidermis that a moisturizer provides.

Moisturizers should be applied to cleansed, toned skin after the application of any serum. (Using a serum does not negate the need for a moisturizer!) To get the most benefits from your moisturizer, you should also exfoliate at least twice a week. Gentle manual exfoliation, such as that provided by OZNaturals Ancient Enzyme Dermafoliant helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells, increases hydration and allows for better absorption of your moisturizer’s beneficial ingredients.

Among the many benefits of moisturizing is that any makeup you apply will go on better. Professional makeup artists know this, and drench models’ skin with moisturizers before applying makeup for a photo shoot. It is the key to getting that dewy, “lit from within” look. But the real reason to use a moisturizer is that regular use will lead to healthier, more hydrated and younger-looking skin – with or without makeup.