Large Pore Solutions-OZNaturals
Large Pore Solutions-OZNaturals

Large Pore Solutions

Did you know your pore size is genetically determined? Even so, there are still steps you can take to improve the appearance of enlarged pores:

  • Hygiene: If you’ve ever gone to bed with your makeup on, you’ve contributed to enlarged pores. Using a gentle but thorough cleanser such as our Ocean Mineral Cleanser twice a day is an important first step in tackling large pores.   Avoid overly drying cleansers which can stimulate more oil production as the skin tries to overcompensate.  Follow with an alcohol-free toner such as our Ocean Mineral Toning Mist, which delivers glycolic acid and antioxidants to maximize the health of the supporting skin structure.
  • Exfoliation: Regular exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells which can clog pores, and lead to their enlarged appearance. Using OZNaturals® Bamboo Enzyme Facial Scrub two to three times a week can make a big difference, not just in the appearance of your pores, but in the effectiveness of all your skincare products. For even more exfoliating power, a glycolic acid peel once or twice a month is another effective exfoliation strategy, provided you don’t have very sensitive skin.
  • Retinol: Adding a Retinol product to your skincare regimen can improve the appearance of pore size by increasing cell turnover and addressing collagen and elastin breakdown. The more collagen we lose during the natural aging process, the weaker the pores’ natural support structure becomes, which allows more dirt and debris to collect.  Try using our Pro-Retaxinol 2.5® Retinol Serum on a nightly basis.
  • Sun protection: Sun damage is another major culprit for enlarged pores. Sun exposure damages collagen and compromises the structural integrity of the skin, allowing pores to lose their tautness and appear larger.  Make a habit of using a sunscreen every day, especially if you are using a Retinol or Alpha Hydroxy Acid product. 

With the correct products and regimen, the appearance of enlarged pores can be greatly minimized. Browse our natural solutions for large pores today.

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