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Large Pore Solutions

Tackling large pores

One of the most common skin complaints we hear from both men and women of all ages is that they feel their pores are too large.  This widespread concern with pore size has even coined a new term in skincare circles: “porexia.” While there’s no doubt that some individuals are probably overly worried about the issue, enlarged pores are a genuine concern that can fortunately can be addressed with the right skincare products and regimen.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pores that are visible to the naked eye, the first step is to learn a little more about them. Pore size is genetically determined and not a lot that can be done to change it.  What can be accomplished, however, is to minimize clogged pores, which are often what cause the appearance of enlarged pores.

Pores serve a very important function in the health of the skin.  They are openings for hair follicles and house sebaceous glands.  Pores serve as a gateway for perspiration and sebum to leave the body.  When oils, dirt and bacteria are allowed to accumulate, however, they widen the opening of the pore and appear more visible due to the darker color of the oil and debris.  Because oily skin types naturally have greater oil production, they are more susceptible to enlarged pores, but all skin types can experience the problem and be left searching for ways to shrink large pores naturally.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for large pores:

With the correct products and proper care enlarged pores can be greatly minimized, making “porexia” a thing of the past. Browse for your natural solution for large pores today and gain confidence tomorrow!