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Your Guide to Couples' Skincare

durch John Molina 13 Dec 2021

Once you have an established skincare routine you love, it’s natural to want to share it with those you hold most dear. Better yet, you’re likely eager to share your products with your partner — as it certainly saves you some much-needed counter space. In order for this to work though, it’s vital to invest in products that meet both of your needs.

Here is your guide to skincare for couples, so you can both enjoy having beautiful, healthy skin.


The first step to any good skincare routine is to have a gentle cleanser that deeply purifies the skin without irritating or overdrying it. A universal cleanser in the shower or on the counter is a great step in sharing skincare with your other half since you can achieve stunning healthy results with products that work for every skin type.


A great exfoliant is something easy to share because we all need it, and at least twice a week for better skin. Exfoliation is key to making sure your skin is smooth and primed, ready to deeply absorb your next steps: toner, serums, and moisturizer applications. So, don’t skip it…share it.


For those who are skincare newbies, a serum may be a new step in their updated routine. However, it is a key layer in the process as they are potent products that work their magic in smaller amounts than other skincare essentials. They are a key part of restoring hydration after cleansing as well as creating a protective barrier on the skin as you carry on throughout the day or prepare for bed. You and your loved one can share a couple of serums so you can mix and match depending on your current skincare needs.


After the skin is cleansed and primed for additional products with your serum of choice, it’s time to moisturize. This is essential for you and your partner since moisturization is easily one of the most vital steps in skincare regardless if you have aging, acne-prone, dry, oily, combination, or normal skin. Everyone needs a great daily moisturizer for the face. Plus, an enriching body butter is a great product to share to restore moisture when you hop out of the shower.

Face Mask

Lastly, treat yourself to a couples spa day (or night) once a week by enjoying a face mask together. Just 10 to 15 minutes a week will help transform your skin by purifying and nourishing it. Plus, this is a great time to set aside for you two to connect about your days and unwind, whether you’re bonding over skincare or chatting about the day-to-day happenings. This is a great time to share a bubble bath and a nice glass of champagne as well.

Whether you want to gift your partner with some shareable skincare products for a special occasion or are looking to update both of your routines for a change, skincare is a wonderful form of self-care to prioritize with your loved one. By mutually taking care of yourselves and each other, you can find a new appreciation as well as develop a new interest along the way.

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