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3 Galentine's Day Spa Night Activities to Treat Your Friends To

Por Angie Irish 09 Feb 2022
3 Galentine's Day Spa Night Activities to Treat Your Friends To - OZNaturals

Your “Galentines” make up your core group of girl friends that truly feel like chosen family. These are the ladies you’d want to feel extra special on Valentine’s Day, especially if you don’t have a romantic Valentine to celebrate with this year. While typically celebrated on February 13, it’s never a bad idea to take a day to celebrate these friendships and take care of each other with a fun and relaxing spa night together!

Here are some of the fun skincare activities you can do right at home without an expensive trip to the spa:

  1. Apply Face Masks

Gather a couple of deeply detoxifying and nourishing masks to start off the night. You can have a skin-clearing mask on hand for anyone experiencing irritations or breakouts. A skin brightening mask is also a great option for anyone wanting some additional hydration and radiance. You can even double up on masks and apply them to different parts of your face, to take care of combination skin or multiple issues.

Since your masks will need some time to penetrate and work their magic, this is the perfect time to put on your favorite romantic comedy or show to kick off the “Galentines” festivities.

  1. Try Out Special Skin Serums

While the rom-com marathon is going, wash off your masks and re-quench your skin with hydration-boosting products. Serums are the best way to restore moisture and enhance your skin’s inner health and outer glow. To ensure everyone can be included, offer a variety of serums that meet multiple skincare needs. Don’t worry, OZNaturals has a serum for every skin type and condition to choose from!

  1. Moisturize the Body

To round out the spa night, treat your skin head to toe with a rich body butter that will hydrate your skin and leave you feeling completely refreshed. Massage it gently into the skin and use the time applying it to allow your muscles to relax.

Once all of your skincare fun has ended, curl up in your favorite pajamas and bathrobes to chat, have a hot cup of tea, and eat some delicious treats.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time to celebrate romantic partners. Use this special day to highlight some of the friendships you hold most dear to show them that you love them. A spa night is a wonderful way to relax and take care of yourself with your friends, so use the most effective products to achieve beautiful results.

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