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Our Top 3 Products to Experiment With This Summer

Por John Molina 06 Jun 2023
Our Top 3 Products to Experiment With This Summer - OZNaturals

The early days of summer are an excellent time to start rotating your skincare regime and trying out new products. From start to finish, here are the three summer must-haves that we recommend you add to your routine during the warmer months. You’ll notice instantly how they can revive your entire routine.

Try a Detoxifying Mask

Face masks are an impactful way to help cleanse your pores, reduce redness and dark spots, and leave your skin looking flawless. However, many masks can strip your skin of the hydration it needs to appear radiant, so make sure you’re looking for treatments with the right ingredients that you can use a couple times a week. Nourishing masks will contain Pineapple Fruit Extract, Spirulina Extract, Kaolin Clay, Argan Oil as well as various vitamins.

Implement a Toner

Toners balance the skin, which prepares it for moisturization and other treatments. This is your beauty-best-friend in the summer heat to help keep the pores clear – even when you’re sweating and exposed to outdoor elements. This summer, use a toner to stop the negative effects of free radicals, promote the production of collagen, balance the skin's pH, and prepare it for the serums you'll layer over. It sets the tone for a heat-proof regime.

Use Vitamin C Daily

Vitamin C is essential for combating the negative effects of the sun's harmful rays. Plus, this powerhouse ingredient brightens, protects, and illuminates for a complexion that looks as good as it feels. Look for products rich in Vitamin C to reverse the negative effects of sun damage and protect your skin from future free radical damage.

Replacing your regime can be a fun activity to try out this summer as you perfect your routine, especially when experimenting with new products. Follow our helpful guide above to ensure a smooth transition that is most suitable to the warmest months of the year ahead.

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