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The Importance of Zinc and Niacinamide

Por Angie Irish 04 Nov 2021
The Importance of Zinc and Niacinamide - OZNaturals

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient, and zinc is an essential trace mineral. Together, these transformative skincare ingredients help to soothe and protect the skin inside and out. So, how do they work their magic, and how can you best incorporate them into your routine? We’ve outlined everything you need to know in this helpful guide.

Soothe Skin Conditions

Zinc and niacinamide come together as the perfect combination for combatting difficult skin conditions that cause discomfort, texture, discoloration, and more. If you’ve found yourself struggling with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, incorporate products with these key ingredients. They provide relief beneath the surface and reveal stunning smooth results you can see and feel.

Acne is another common condition that nearly 80% of people experience in their lifetime. Of this 80%, 20% of them will experience it on a severe level. While the struggle with breakouts, spots, and scarring can be disheartening, the right products can help treat it. From hormonal spots and occasional breakouts to adolescent and adult acne, zinc and niacinamide deeply penetrate the skin to purify it — actively detoxifying skin — as well as beautifully smooth it.

No matter what your personal skin struggle is, zinc and niacinamide are beneficial for all skin types and conditions, especially if you have aging skin or common skin conditions. Within weeks, you notice how these powerful ingredients minimize redness, blotchiness, and inflammation — which helps ease irritation from inflammatory skin conditions.

Protect the Skin

Zinc and niacinamide are also best known for their protective qualities. They help build proteins in the skin and lock in moisture, which helps prevent environmental damage. From sun damage or pollution and smog to harsh cold weather or extreme heat, your skin will always be ready to combat every element.

UV rays, in particular, can cause severe damage over time. They can speed up the aging process, dry out skin, and create dark spots. The right protective products are key players in prevention. Zinc and niacinamide can do all of this for your skin while also helping to rebuild newer skin cells in the process.

Restore a Stunning Complexion

Once conditions are soothed and the skin is properly protected, it’s time to take action in restoring the skin to a smooth, hydrated, and clear state. Zinc and niacinamide are the ideal choices for helping to build keratin, a protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy.

The results of this transformative combination will also minimize your pores’ appearance. Not only does this lend itself to a beautiful appearance, but it also helps you to avoid getting dirt and oils trapped in the pores.

Zinc and niacinamide can also regulate oil production. This benefits those with oily or dry skin, lending moisture to those who are dry while preventing over-production of oil in oily skin.

Another wonderful benefit is this powerful duo’s ability to treat hyperpigmentation. Research has found that using a minimum 5% niacinamide can be helpful in lightening dark spots after 4 consecutive weeks of daily use, making this a skincare routine staple.

Fight Against Aging

It’s important to get ahead of skin aging in order to preserve your youthful complexion, and it’s never too late to take steps toward fighting against the signs of aging your currently experiencing. If your goal is to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, zinc and niacinamide will become your saviors.

Research has also found that using a minimum 5% niacinamide was helpful in reducing existing sun damage, including fine lines and wrinkles.

 Over time, with proper skincare and daily use, you’ll see and feel the multiple benefits of zinc and niacinamide. Experience smoother skin, more hydration resulting in plumpness of skin, improved texture, lightening of dark spots and less acne, while adding extra glow to the complexion overall.

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