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Winter's Impact on the Skin — Your Guide to Navigating Seasonal Changes

Por Angie Irish 11 Nov 2021
Winter's Impact on the Skin — Your Guide to Navigating Seasonal Changes - OZNaturals

Winter's Impact on the Skin — Your Guide to Navigating Seasonal Changes

While many associate the cold of winter with dryer skin, they may not know all of the factors that contribute to this phenomenon. It’s not just the cold air that is leaving your skin parched. Winter is also known for its extremely low humidity levels, which is yet another factor that strips away moisture you would otherwise get in spring and summer. When harsh winter winds also come into play, wind burn also dries and irritates the skin. Not to mention that these issues cannot be healed by the heat we fill our homes with or the long, hot showers we take throughout the season.

In order to keep the skin properly hydrated and avoid flare ups of conditions like eczema psoriasis, it’s essential to give your skin a little extra love during the colder months. Here are some of the best ways to heal your dry, chapped winter skin as well as protect it continuously throughout the year.

  1. Take Lukewarm Baths & Showers
    While the chilling temperatures of autumn and winter might tempt you to turn up the heat on your daily showers or baths, it comes with a price. The hot water strips away all of the moisture and natural oils in your skin keep it fresh and glowing. Plus, the drying results can lead to serious irritation and cause dermatitis flare-ups. Switch to lukewarm water and see how you can get the desired effect of warmth without the painful results. Better yet, consider finishing with a quick blast of cool water to seal in hydration.

  2. Moisturize & Drink Water

The dry cold of the winter months leaves your skin parched, so it’s wise to adjust your water intake accordingly. Don’t shy away from drinking a couple extra glasses of water each day, especially if you’ve spent more time outside than usual. Wind burn reddens and inflames the skin, and you’ll need the extra hydration to help it heal. Plus, a good skincare combination of moisturizing products such as gentle face masks as well as deeply penetrating moisturizers and serums will keep your skin in check all season.

  1. Always Wear Sunscreen
    The sun is ever-present during all four seasons, whether or not you see and feel it on a daily basis. In fact, cloudy or overcast days can produce some of the most significant skin damage because you’re less likely to protect your skin with the proper sunscreen. Make sure SPF is part of your everyday skincare routine, no matter how cold or cloudy it gets.

  2. Wear Protective Clothing Before Braving the Weather
    The extra layers of clothing we pack on when the weather cools down is certainly meant to keep us warm on the chilliest days. However, they can also serve to protect your skin. Wearing turtlenecks and scarves protects the delicate decolletage area and provides a place to burrow your face during strong gusts of wind. Plus, hats, hoods, and sunglasses provide additional protection to the face to ensure your soft complexion is maintained.

There’s no need to worry about your skin when there’s so much to be excited about during the cooler months of the year. By proactively prepping your skin for the seasonal changes, it can weather any conditions and glow throughout the winter, well into spring.

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