Your Easy Guide to Minimizing Pores

Our pores are small openings on our skin that prevent us from overheating. External irritants and sweating can cause a buildup of debris in the pores, which commonly leads to breakouts. When looking at ourselves in the mirror, we can get distracted by our pore size and seek to get rid of them. That being said, we cannot completely remove them, but there are methods to minimize pores.

Stop Touching Your Face

Throughout the day, our hands touch various items and surfaces. The best precaution to take is to wash them regularly to eliminate germs. However, this still leaves natural oils behind. To keep these out of your pores, avoid touching your face to prevent the bacteria and oils on your hands from clogging your pores. Also, try to leave blemishes alone when you notice them. Pushing on and picking at them can cause more harm than good.

Scrub Once a Week

The addition of a weekly exfoliating scrub can be beneficial to your skincare. The gentler the exfoliate, the better. Rough chemicals and textures can lead to swelling, making your pores appear larger. Overall, exfoliation is incredibly useful in removing dead skin cells.

Cleanse Daily

The reason our pores appear so visible is due to dirt or makeup getting trapped in them. A way to get clean skin and minimize your pores is by washing your face daily. For best results, wash your face once when you wake up in the morning and once before going to bed at night. Pay extra mind at night to deeply cleanse since the skin has been exposed to various pollutants.

Do not let the size of your pores get you down. It all has to do with genetics. But if you practice healthy skin habits every day and learn from the list above, you will minimize your pore size in no time.

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