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Our Guide to Memorial Day Weekend Skincare

by John Molina 19 May 2023

Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer - the season of countless get-togethers and events. Whether it’s a block party or family gathering, you want your skin to look and feel its best. Here’s our step-by-step guide to prepping your face for every MDW party and all of the summer events that follow.

Bring Your Sanitizer

After the last two years of social distancing, it is safe to say hand sanitizer should be present at every function moving forward. It is great for quick clean-ups in any situation, so it’s ideal to have your own ready to go in your pocket or purse. Pro tip – buy sanitizer in bulk so it’s always in your pantry or cabinets to grab on the go.

Lather on the SPF

Warm, sunny days are the hallmark of the summer season. But being outside for any period of time calls for frequent sunscreen application. Make sure you lather up regardless if you’re having a pool day, barbecue with friends, or prepping your skin for a party. Check out a powder sunscreen for easy reapplication to the face or touch-ups over makeup at events.

Moisturize Your Body

After being in the sun all day, your skin may feel dry and sensitive. Avoid this as well as restore hydration as needed by applying body butter – ideally twice daily in the morning and at night. We recommend an enriching body butter that will soothe your skin and leave it with long lasting protection.

Feel confident in your skin going into this Memorial Day weekend now that you have the know-how to prepare for any party you attend. Plus, these tips are perfect to carry you through the entire summer with protection and care in mind.

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