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How to Prep Your Skin for Date Night

by John Molina 17 Feb 2022
How to Prep Your Skin for Date Night - OZNaturals

Valentine’s Day is a special February holiday, but why not use the whole month to have special date nights with your loved one? Plus, date nights are an important way to connect and keep the spark alive all year long. So, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow how-to guide for proper skincare prep, so that you can feel confident on every date with your sweetheart.

  1. Scrub Away Dead Skin

First, scrub away any excess dead skin, oil, or outer pollutants to ensure you have a smooth, soft surface. Use a quality exfoliator that will produce optimal smoothing results but also be gentle on the delicate skin of the face.

  1. Apply a Mask

Face masks are a special treat for your skin to ensure it’s detoxed and nourished in a way that your day-to-day products can’t always achieve. For date night, a beautiful brightening mask is ideal to ensure you look radiant over a candlelit dinner. Add this step to your routine for a 20 minute application, approximately 2 to 3 times a week, or as needed.

  1. Restore Under-Eye & Facial Moisture

After all of the cleansing and detoxifying of the skin, you’ll want to restore and seal it by applying a youth-preserving facial moisturizer. Then, using your ring finger, delicately apply a potent, lightweight under-eye gel; this finger ensures applying the least amount of pressure so you’re not being rough around the eye area.

  1. Massage on a Body Butter

Lastly, smooth and soften the rest of your skin with an enriching body butter. Give it a few minutes to penetrate the skin before your night out for glowing, smooth-to-the-touch results. Having hydrated skin all over will provide you with comfort as well as confidence so that you can have the best time on your special evening.

Whether you’re going on a bare-faced hike through some scenic national parks or putting on a full face of glamorous makeup for a night out, this guide will ensure your skin is prepped for anything and everything. And taking optimal care of your skin will ensure you’ve always got that glow, no matter what event you’re preparing for.

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