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Skincare Beginners Guide to Leaping Bunny Products

by John Molina 15 Apr 2022
Skincare Beginners Guide to Leaping Bunny Products - OZNaturals

When it comes to beauty products, cruelty-free animal testing is a significant issue. Ensuring no animals are harmed in the making of personal care products is of the utmost importance. As a rule of thumb when shopping, look for the products with a Leaping Bunny seal of approval. This mark is the green light to buy, and here are three reasons why.

They Monitor Supplier Systems

In order to receive a Leaping Bunny mark, companies must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the organization.  If the company fails to comply, they will not receive the stamp. Thanks to their supplier monitoring system, each company must submit proof of documents that their suppliers meet the standards in the contract.

They Ensure No Foreign Market Distribution

There are certain foreign markets that exist which require animal testing before approval is granted for human use. Leaping Bunny forbids the applicant to have any sort of distribution in these areas. Some companies must recommit annually and must comply with being audited to ensure there is nothing nefarious going on behind the scenes.

Their Certification Is Free

Anyone wanting to become a member of Leaping Bunny and receive the seal of approval can! It is completely free to apply; however, there is a slight licensing fee for the select brands looking to have the Leaping Bunny Logo on certain promotional items. The amount of this fee is determined based on the company's gross annual sales.

There are other cruelty-free logos out there - some good and some bad. But we believe in Leaping Bunny. So if you’re interested in the best animal-free testing badge, we suggest you stick with them!

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