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Skincare Essentials for Your Next Trip

by John Molina 17 Apr 2022

Spring break is approaching, which means summer vacations are approaching as well. While you enjoy some time off of work, make sure you still prioritize self-care. Here is a list of three nourishing products to optimize your skincare routine for your next trip.

SPF 30

Sunscreen is an underrated essential. A common misconception is that many people believe it should only be applied at the beach. But whenever the sun kisses your skin, it is necessary. Here is our top pick for sunscreen: Protect + Glow Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Powder Sunscreen. The lightweight powder formula makes application as well as reapplying throughout the day simple, and it provides a beautiful radiance to the skin..


Whether you struggle with sun spots, redness or standard signs of aging, serums will transform your skin. The travel-friendly components are generally easily packed, so these portable skin treatments work wonders on your body. These are highly concentrated formulas that are on a mission to bring your skin the cocktail of active ingredients it needs to look its best.

Body Butter

Super versatile, these thicker, creamy lotions can be applied all over your body. They aim to nourish the skin by keeping moisture in while offering intense hydration. Body butters are perfect for dry, cracked skin types and will deliver the results quicker than your average lotion.

Get ready to book your flight for your spring getaway. With this newfound knowledge of the perfect travel trio, your skin will be just as happy as you on your next vacation. The rest and relaxation as well as powerful skincare formulas will do your skin a world of rejuvenating good.

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