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Your Guide to Mask Ingredients to Help You Find One for Your Needs

by John Molina 29 Mar 2022
Your Guide to Mask Ingredients to Help You Find One for Your Needs - OZNaturals

Face masks are potent treatments that offer spa-like results to treat skin issues at the root by getting to the source and eliminating it. The healing powers of a quality face mask are unmatched, but with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which to pick for your needs. Here is a guide to common face mask ingredients and what they do for your skin to achieve the best results.

Top 3 Face Mask Ingredients & What They Do


Pineapple isn’t just refreshing to eat – it’s a wonderfully invigorating ingredient for skincare products, especially face masks. It helps aid in exfoliation and brightening to reveal an even tone. Pineapple is also rich in Vitamin C, which enhances these effects to heal discoloration, dark spots, marks, and other inflammation.


Spirulina is a powerful green that helps to purify the cells of the skin, which results in an overall improved appearance. It is extremely detoxifying which helps eliminate swelling and fight against bacteria buildup that results in acne. Therefore, this ingredient is ideal for a fresh slate in skincare to banish all problems.

Sea Kelp Extract

Sea Kelp has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and irritation, especially in skin types that are prone to flares or breakouts. It’s also rich in minerals and antioxidants that soften and hydrate the skin, often a plump and refreshed youthful appearance. You’ll see how it deeply penetrates the skin to remove toxins and restore moisture.

Treat your skin to a little TLC with a face mask that’s made exactly for your skin’s unique needs. With this guide, you can point yourself in the right direction on any given day, whether a new problem pops up or you’re healing a chronic skin concern.

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