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best by date reached.
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BEST BY DATE REACHED / APPROACHING — our best by dates refer to when the product needs to be opened to be compliant and equally effective. A product that has reached its best by date or "exp" date on package has 12 months after opening from this date. The Vitamin C Cleanser in this kit has reached its best by date on 3/31/2023 and has 12 months to use from this date.

Three products that will get you to bright, glowy and hydrated skin! Ideal for all skin types, even better for normal, aging or dry skin. 

Includes OZNATURALS Skincare Pouch.

  • OZ Vitamin C Cleanser uses a powerful combination of natural antioxidants to wash away dirt, makeup and impurities and helps to unclog pores.
  • Best-selling Vitamin C Serum will help brighten the skin and lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Our cult-favorite Hyaluronic Acid Serum will help to balance and restore moisture and achieve plump, soft and supple skin. Ideal for all skin types.

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