Angela Irish

Co-Founder and President

Angela co-founded OZNaturals to share her deep knowledge and passion for skin care with a wider audience. As a Certified Aesthetician and tireless researcher, she has pioneered product development efforts that match her vision for healthy, natural, science-based skin care. In addition to her many areas of responsibilities with OZNaturals, Angela is an authority on living a holistic lifestyle and is actively involved in philanthropic causes which benefit women, children and animal welfare.


Mike Small

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Small is the CFO at OZNaturals LLC. His primary responsibilities focus on the financial and operations management, and controls of the company to ensure we deliver the quality products our customers expect from OZNaturals when they need them. After spending the first 10 years of his career in accounting and financial roles he moved into operational and sales roles. Prior to joining OZNaturals, he was COO of Digital Brandworks, VP Operations of Reader’s Digest Books Are Fun, and VP Fulfillment Services at Baker & Taylor. Mike brings operational and financial expertise to the team.


Ann Majeski

Director, Marketing Communications

A 25-year veteran in both consumer and business-to-business marketing, Ann brings strategic thinking and strong relationship building skills to her role managing communications programs for OZNaturals. Prior to joining the company, she held management positions in public relations and account management with several top advertising agencies in the Northwest. An avid skin care and beauty products devotee, she enjoys communicating the benefits of OZNaturals products to audiences around the world.


Jack Albrecht

Jack Albrecht is the Supply Chain and Operations Manager for OZNaturals. His main responsibilities include operations planning, distribution of product, logistics, and demand forecasting. Jack works closely with the manufacturing and warehousing departments of OZN daily, making sure production, supplies and components are always on schedule. Jack’s love of year-round golf, snorkeling, and tennis brought him to Florida, which ultimately led him to becoming an integral part of the OZNaturals team in 2016.


Antonio Cannataro ChFC®, CRPC®,CFP®,CFS®

Director of Business Development

In 2004, in his junior year at NYIT in New York, Antonio made the decision to jumpstart his professional career by becoming a licensed Financial Advisor, subsequently landing his first job opportunity as a stockbroker on Wall Street at the age of 20.  While still attending college at NYIT, Antonio decided to leave Wall Street in 2005 for the chance to partner in opening a successful wealth management company, which he still owns and operates today.  Graduating from NYIT in 2006, Antonio earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance.  Over the years, Antonio has also worked in business development, which has helped to grow other successful businesses in the New York area.  Antonio joined the OZNaturals team in 2018 and has been very instrumental in growing the international side of the company.