Our Commitment to Quality


OZNaturals™ products are produced in our laboratory in Montreal using the highest quality raw ingredients, adhering to the strictest standards set forth in the European Union, and by formulating and producing our line of skin care products using Cold Processing technology. In the United States, the FDA has only banned 14 toxic ingredients from being included in skin care. In the European Union and other countries, the list of banned ingredients numbers in the thousands. While not required of us, we agree and follow these stringent European guidelines as well, in order to provide a safer product for you.

OZNaturals adheres to Good Manufacturing Processes and is FDA pharma approved yielding a higher quality product. Cold Processing manufacturing differs from all other manufacturing processes in that no heat is used, meaning the key ingredients are never heated, boiled, or melted during or after production. This fully allows us to preserve the beneficial values and efficacy of the key ingredients (much like preserving the nutritional value in vegetables by eating them raw.)



OZNaturals never uses artificial colors, dyes or fragrances to impact the color or scent of our products. This means you receive a more raw, natural, clean and green product, with all the wonderful benefits of the ingredients preserved in their most natural form. Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, OZNaturals is committed to protecting the planet and your skin.

Our ingredients include many natural extracts, such as rose hips. Just as with grapes used in wines, the weather can greatly impact the color and other characteristics of these extracts. As with fine wine, you may also see variation in the color of our products since we do not use artificial colors to force a consistent appearance.

Rosehips is a natural botanical product. The fruits are grown, harvested and dried on farms in Chile and the color of the fruit can range anywhere from light orange to dark red, depending on many parameters such as amount of sun/rain during the year, harvesting time of year, and geographical area.



Any variation in color is not a chemical reaction, and the integrity/quality of the product has not been compromised. On the contrary, it is normal and customary to have color variations in natural products, especially those containing botanical extracts/maceration. This is not the case with unnatural products which use potentially harmful and toxic chemicals and colourants.

Several of our products, including the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and our Vitamin C Serum, can vary in color. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum can range from clear to a milky-white color. This color variation comes from the natural botanical extracts included into the formulation, which can vary from season to season, harvest to harvest.

Our Vitamin C Serum can vary from clear to a slightly darker color due to the rosehips extract which we make in house by maceration of rosehip dried fruits. Since this extract comprises a significant percentage of the formula of this serum, it can definitively have an impact on the final color, depending on the harvest at a particular time of year and weather conditions of that year as well.

OZNaturals standards are of the very highest, and we will always stand by our commitment in producing the most supreme, clean and green, sustainable skin care products on the planet.