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3 Tips for Managing Oily Skin

Por Angie Irish 12 Jan 2022
3 Tips for Managing Oily Skin - OZNaturals

Oiliness is one of the most common skin concerns people share universally. While you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone, you can also celebrate knowing that there are plenty of ways to treat and manage oily skin.

Below are our top 3 tips for taking care of your oily skin.

Regularly Cleanse

Your day and nighttime skincare routines should be completed each morning and evening. However, it’s easy to slip up every now and then or be too tired to complete the full routine in the midst of a busy schedule, feeling tired, or being preoccupied with other tasks.

With the first step of your routine being to cleanse, make sure you at least accomplish this each day, twice a day. Especially if you have oily skin, it’s necessary to rinse off oil and dirt that build up overnight and throughout the day to keep your skin fresh and pores clear. Be sure to use your gentle cleanser twice daily to keep oily skin balanced and breakout-free.

Tone the Skin

Toner is a vital component in keeping the skin balanced. Some toners even contain ingredients that prevent excess oil production. Since it is best applied immediately after cleansing the skin and ridding it of dirt and oil, this step ensures the skin stays normal to prevent excess dryness or oiliness.

If you’ve been otherwise skipping this step, begin your journey to taking control of your oily skin by implementing a toner in your routine. Use it twice daily after cleansing, and stay consistent for optimal results long term.

Pat Your Face Dry

Rather than swipe a towel over your face to dry it after washing it or showering, take a gentler approach. By patting your skin dry not only are you preventing any possible irritation, but you are not signaling the cells to produce more sebum. When you swipe away at the skin, it will sense the sudden absence of oils and begin reproducing. Pat it dry to keep the oils balanced and under control.

With the proper care, oily skin can be highly manageable or even a thing of the past. If you stay consistent with the tips above, you’ll see results that ensure a more balanced, beautiful complexion. So give yourself a confidence boost by following this guide and enhancing your skin’s health.

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