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How to Properly Remove Makeup From the Skin

durch Angie Irish 03 Jan 2022
How to Properly Remove Makeup From the Skin - OZNaturals

No matter how consistent you are with your skincare routine, it can’t help if you have makeup trapped beneath the surface. Once you know how to properly remove any and all traces of makeup from your face, your skincare products can work even more optimally than they were. So, no matter how heavy-duty your event makeup is or your everyday lightweight look is, you’ll feel confident you can deeply clean the skin regardless.

Here is how to best remove makeup from your skin.

Remove Makeup

Makeup-removing wipes have swept the skincare industry with the promise of easily removing makeup in just one swipe. However, not only are these wipes not good for the environment, but they also only remove makeup on the surface and leave plenty of pore-clogging makeup residue behind.

Instead, remove all of your makeup with a balm, oil, or lotion designed to remove all face products, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick from the face. This is the most important first step so that the makeup is almost completely gone before cleansing.

Cleanse & Exfoliate the Skin

Once you’ve taken the proper measures to remove most of the makeup from your face, it’s time to cleanse. Your everyday cleanser is equipt to remove all buildup, oils, and dirts from your skin that occur naturally on a daily basis; however, it’s not built to take off thick layers of makeup. This is why you want to go in after removing it rather than before. Plus, you’ll save yourself from wasting cleanser trying to use more than usual to remove the makeup. It will likely be unsuccessful and wasteful.

Once you cleanse how you would usually, use this opportunity to double cleanse by following your face wash with an exfoliator. This gentle scrub will take away the very last bits and traces of makeup from the face, ensuring you feel fresh at the end of the makeup removal process. Your skin will also be ready to properly absorb the rest of your daily skincare products without the barrier of makeup that’s been left behind.

Makeup is a beautiful form of self-expression as well as a fun way to complement the rest of your look on any given day. Don’t let your skin concerns get in the way of enjoying makeup in your day-to-day life. By using the tips above, you’ll be able to get the deepest clean yet and maintain your glowing complexion.

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