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Causes of Skin Dehydration & How to Combat Them

by Angie Irish 15 Nov 2021

Dry skin can sneak up on anyone, no matter how dry, normal, or oily your skin typically is. Even the most subtle of changes can begin the dehydration process and lead to irritation and other sensitivity issues. But don’t fret. As long as you can catch the signs of dry skin early and identify one or more of the causes, you can get ahead of the issue and restore your skin’s health.

Here are some of the key signs of dry skin that you may associate with other conditions:

  • Tightness of the pores and surrounding skin
  • Increasingly rough texture
  • Frequent flaking
  • Dullness in complexion
  • Itching and inflammation
  • Redness and discoloration
  • Overall sensitivity

Now that you better understand some of the giveaways of dehydrated skin, it’s essential to take note of your living environment, habits, and other factors that may be causing this change in your skin. By identifying this, you’ll be able to make proper changes accordingly in order to bring moisture back into the skin.

Here are some common causes of dry skin:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Aging
  • Change of seasons/weather (particularly in the colder months)
  • Aggressive air conditioning
  • Taking overly hot showers
  • Aging skin
  • Lack of sleep
  • Harsh skincare ingredients
  • Skipping serums and moisturizers
  • Not drinking enough water

Skin can begin to dry out as a result of any of these situations or behaviors and can be exacerbated by any combination of them. But you can take action now to repair your skin from the inside out and achieve glowing results. Here’s where to begin.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
    As a general rule of thumb for your overall health, you should follow the 8x8 rule — drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Not only does this keep your body running effectively, but it also keeps your skin optimally hydrated. Keeping consistently hydrated within the body is the first vital step in achieving balanced skin.

  2. Follow-Up a Workout with Skincare
    When you work up a sweat, all of the water you’ve drank throughout the day is leaving your body through the pores. While you should drink more water than usual whenever you workout to restore hydration, you should also understand the effect it has on your skin. Your body and skin both need that moisture. Plus, you should never let sweat sit on the skin for too long, as it can cause irritation and breakouts. Immediately wash you face and follow up with skincare after you workout.

  3. Finish Showers with a Cool Blast
    It’s natural to want a warm, comforting shower in the morning or after a long day. However, be mindful not to let the temperature get too hot; you may unintentionally strip moisture away, irritate the skin, and feel uncomfortable tightness in the pores. It you prefer the warmth, keep it to a minimum. And finish off your showers with about a minute of cool water to lock in moisture.

  4. Establish a Gently, Hydrating Routine
    Too many products on the market make promises of perfect skin without the follow through. In fact many have harsh chemicals and alcohols that are stripping away the oils you need in your skin to maintain a plump, glowing complexion. Next time you’re shopping for your everyday skincare essentials, choose natural and gentle products with potent wholesome ingredients. This includes:

You’re not alone if you notice your skin changing with time or as you make changes to your everyday routine. But the right ingredients with nourishing formulations will rescue even the driest skin for a flakey fate filled with irritation and texture. You’ll see improvements once you spot the signs, identify the problem, and adjust your habits accordingly.

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