When I started OZNATURALS® a decade ago, my mission was optimal skin health for all! At the time, I was disappointed by the options available to us consumers. As a Holistic Esthetician, I wanted to provide my customers with the best experience and highest quality ingredients, but I wasn't able to find this in the marketplace.

Most products were filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients. But, if that's not bad enough, the price tags that accompanied these products were enough to break the bank. I personally could not afford to spend my hard earned money on these products. So, I set out to make high quality, nourishing, and nutrient dense products for an affordable price. This will always be my mission. It's also my passion.

While the skincare world may have evolved since the launch of OZNATURALS®, products with toxic ingredients continue to flood the market. OZN® will never waiver when it comes to delivering the highest quality, cleanest, and most effective products to you. I am committed to doing what’s best for the planet by using conscious-driven, sustainable practices — practices such as manufacturing through Cold Processing and by choosing sustainable ingredients that are friendlier to the earth.

Our customers love their results! Try OZNATURALS® and see how our Cold Processed Skincare can have huge benefits for your skin health. It’s my belief that we deserve highly effective, safe, AND affordable skincare products. Welcome to Cold Processed Skincare®.

Angela Irish,