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Melanoma Month: What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Skin

by John Molina 19 May 2022

May marks National Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month. It is aptly named after the fifth most common cancer that affects men and women. Due to this fact, it is vital to remember to protect your skin year-round – but especially in the warmer temperatures. Whether it be through shade, hats, or UV protection products, here is a guide to keeping your body safe and healthy during Melanoma Awareness Month.

Cover Up

When you are spending long periods of time outside at the pool, beach, and other events, it can be difficult to always find shade. Reduce sun damage while still enjoying being outside by wearing a protective layer such as a baseball cap, sun hat, or scarf. It also helps to have a towel or shall to cover sensitive areas of your skin that burn easily like your shoulders or chest.

Reduce the Heat

During the summer months, it can be tempting to go to the beach and sunbathe all day. We encourage you to enjoy the warm weather, but make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours. Be mindful of the tops of your hands and feet as well as your knees and elbows – since these areas are often forgotten but subject to damage. In combination with sunscreen, be sure to take care of your skin and protect it in morning and night during your skincare routine with protective serums. Also, be sure to always rehydrate the skin with moisturizer and body butter.

Bring an Umbrella

While a more traditional approach, bringing a sun umbrella can help mitigate the harmful rays of the sun on your skin. A more common place to see this method is at the beach. A towel and sunglasses will not be enough to protect you. So break out the beach umbrella to lie in your own shade while still enjoying the weather and beautiful scenery.

With the temperature rising, your body is susceptible to harmful effects of sun damage - that’s why May is the ideal time to raise Melanoma awareness so that you can take the necessary precautions during the sunniest months of the year. Following these quick and easy solutions is the best way to combat warmer weather and ensure your skin is the safest and healthiest it can be.

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