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Natural Exfoliants

Which OZNaturals exfoliant is best for me?

Exfoliation is beneficial for all skin types, from oily to dry, breakout-prone to sensitive. It’s important, however, to choose wisely when selecting a natural exfoliant.

OZNaturals Ancient Orient Enzyme Dermafoliant with Lactic Acid, B5, and Green Tea Extract is ideal for twice weekly use by all skin types. This gentle exfoliant effectively cleans, removes congestion, and brightens the skin. The unique powder formula activates when mixed with water, which not only gently exfoliates, but also delivers alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants to boost results, and leave skin soft and luminous.

For deeper exfoliation, OZNaturals 30% Glycolic Acid Peel addresses many of the effects of sun damage, including brown spots (hyperpigmentation) and uneven skin tone. Regular use can improve the appearance of the skin’s surface. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished over time, providing a more youthful appearance. Sensitive skin types should exercise caution when using this exfoliating skin peel, testing a small area prior to using on the face.

What makes OZNaturals best?

Proper exfoliation should be part of everyone’s skin care routine, no matter what your age, sex, or skin type. By incorporating this simple step you will be rewarded with clearer, brighter – and healthier – skin every day. Exfoliation allows the skin to better absorb other products in a skincare regimen, thus allowing serums and moisturizers to provide more effective results-faster!

At OZNaturals, we are so confident in the results of our skin exfoliants that we offer an unconditional 30-day return policy. If for any reason you are less than fully satisfied, we will refund 100% of the purchase price of your product – no questions asked. One of the reasons that we are able to do this is that we listen closely to our customers’ skincare concerns and develop products that deliver on their promises.

Our co-founder, Angela Irish, is a Certified Aesthetician with deep roots and extensive experience in the skincare sector. When it came to establishing her own line, she understood that what the marketplace wanted was not another line of hyped up products but well formulated, thoughtfully created solutions to the real problems and issues people experience with their skin every day.

In creating OZNaturals exfoliants, Angela and her team have harnessed the most effective, natural ingredients in formulations that deliver results – and satisfied customers. Every day we hear from customers who are delighted to have found an effective and affordable line of skincare products they can trust. We’re confident that if used regularly and as directed, our exfoliants will give you a more glowing, clear, and youthful looking complexion.

Why use a natural exfoliant?

There are many benefits to using a well formulated, natural exfoliant.

Many poorly formulated exfoliants are too harsh, with a rough, coarse, or uneven texture that can actually damage the skin’s barrier. Others contain synthetic materials such as plastic microbeads which are becoming a major environmental concern, as they find their way into waterways and are consumed by fish.

The problem of pollution due to plastic microbeads in skincare products such as exfoliants is serious and growing. These tiny plastic beads threaten the food chain by being consumed by fish and other wildlife. At about the size of a grain of salt, these particles resemble plankton and fish eggs, making them appear attractive to aquatic wildlife. Unfortunately, they are anything but a tasty snack. Synthetic microbeads act like sponges to collect toxins such as PCBs and phthalates. Unfortunately, they do not go away and do not break down in the environment.

Marine biologists and other researchers have documented these plastic beads in the stomachs of fish and other wildlife and found disturbingly high levels in many waterways, including the Great Lakes and Pacific Ocean. In 2014, nearly 3 million of these tiny plastic microbeads were found per square mile in parts of Lake Erie. While environmentalists and legislators work to try to address the problem, OZNaturals wants to be part of the solution.

OZNaturals uses natural, sustainably raised and harvested bamboo as the basis for our exfoliating scrub. Our bamboo particles not only provide the perfect texture for effective exfoliation, but they also supply anti-irritant and antioxidant support as well. We compliment this natural ingredient with other gentle, effective, and active ingredients including Green Tea Extract, Lactic Acid and Vitamin B5.

We take a similar natural approach with our Glycolic Acid 30% Peel. Glycolic acid is the most effective and researched member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family. AHAs have been widely tested and used for years to treat sun damaged skin and reverse signs of the aging process. They work by removing the top outer layers of damaged skin, while allowing healthy, new skin cells to surface.

The glycolic acid used in OZNaturals 30% peel is naturally derived from sugar cane. As the smallest AHA molecule, glycolic acid is able to deeply penetrate the skin’s surface to increase cell renewal. OZNaturals new 30% Glycolic Peel harnesses this power in a very effective and potent formulation.

Since our founding, OZNaturals mission has always been to use the highest concentration of natural and active ingredients in the most eco-friendly manner possible. We believe good skincare is about beauty – and should never come at the cost of harming nature.

How are OZNaturals exfoliants different from the competition?

We design our products to work in harmony with nature, not against it.

According to a February 2016 report published by the International Campaign Against Microbeads in Cosmetics, there are over 96 products from 42 major skincare manufacturers which use harmful plastic microbeads in their product. Neutrogena alone uses microbeads in 23 products, primarily facial scrubs.

Popular brands using these environmentally damaging ingredients include Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Bliss, Clinique, Kiehl’s, Olay and Up&Up (Target’s private label brand.) Most use these in facial scrubs, although they also make an appearance in some cleansers and body washes.

Plastic microbeads are cheap to produce, but the damage they do to the environment is costly and far-reaching. Designed to be rinsed down the sink, the polyethylene beads in these exfoliants enter our waterways because they are too small to be caught and processed by sewer and wastewater treatment facilities. Once there, they do untold damage to the environment. In one study, over 90% of surface ocean water samples collected were contaminated.

We believe that responsible stewardship of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Although OZNaturals primary mission is creating natural products that promote healthy and beautiful skin, we also believe that educating the consumer is an important duty that we are proud to fulfill.

We all want products that improve the look and health of our skin. At OZNaturals, we believe that when given information and a choice, consumers will select products that benefit their skin without harming the environment.

What’s the purpose of an exfoliant?

Proper exfoliation is one of the most effective steps you can take to see a noticeable improvement in your skin. Perhaps the most satisfying thing about proper exfoliation is the instant payoff. Skin immediately feels smoother and looks brighter, but important long-term benefits also keep accruing.

Exfoliation works by removing built-up dead skin cells, revealing new skin. Our skin naturally sheds millions of dead cells every day, allowing newer cells to travel to the surface to replace them. Aging and sun damage can slow the rate at which natural exfoliation occurs, allowing a build-up of dead skin cells to accumulate. The results can take the form of breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and dull, lifeless looking skin.

By gently removing these excess dead cells, the skin’s appearance and health is improved. In addition, the removal of the dead cells speeds the skin’s renewal process and allows younger, healthier skin cells to take their place. The benefits are numerous: