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How to Get Your Skin Mistletoe-Ready

by John Molina 04 Dec 2021
How to Get Your Skin Mistletoe-Ready - OZNaturals

Have you ever wondered what steps you can take to ensure you’re mistletoe-ready for the holiday season? Worry no more. We have the ultimate guide to beautiful skin and soft, plush lips to ensure you’re mistletoe-kiss-ready every day, for all of your parties and day-to-day doorway smooches.

Get started with these simple yet effective tips.


For the smoothest and most subtle skin and lips, exfoliation is key. One to two times a week, implement a micro-peel for the face or a gentle exfoliator to ensure all dead, dry skin as well as product build up is washed away for good.

The lips should get the same treatment since they’re subject to drying out as a result of the cooler winter weather that tends to strip them of their natural moisture. For an easy at-home remedy, combine coconut oil and some natural sugar to rub onto the lips. They’ll look smoother and rosier than ever.


With cooler temperatures and dry air dominating the season, regular hydration is more paramount than ever. Make sure you’re incorporating all of your hydrating serums, daily moisturizers, creams, gels, and face oils for the best complexion. These moisturizing products will also ensure that your skin is protected from flakiness, itchiness, and other irritations that accompany dryness.

For the lips, you can take plenty of measures to optimize their moisture and plumpness. A nightly lip mask will restore moisture with it’s potent formula. For day-to-day hydration, use a highly nourishing and hydrate lip balm whenever needed, especially whenever you come inside from the outdoors. These steps will ensure chapped lips are a thing of the past and your lips are primed for anything.

Treat Spots

Holiday treat indulgences, gift-shopping stress, and changes to your daily routine can throw off your skin during the holiday season. If you find yourself with uncharacteristic breakouts or exacerbated acne, take extra care to regulate the skin with acne-treating products.

One key step to ensure you’re implementing is using a toner to ensure you’re balancing your skin’s pH. And along with your regular cleansing and hydrating routine, be sure to apply a spot treatment you trust to quickly eliminate breakouts before they fully form. If you’re battling acne scars during this time, look for a skin-brightening serum that helps to heal these marks.

Whether you’re expecting a peck on the cheek from a loved one this holiday season or looking forward to a full-on kiss on the lips from your partner, this helpful guide will ensure you’re ready for anything. You’ll instantly notice the glow in all of your holiday party photos, and you’ll be sure to dazzle all of your guests or fellow partygoers.

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