When we launched OZNaturals in 2013, it was with the intention of using high quality ingredients and advanced formulations to provide you with the best skincare products - safe, clean and affordable. Thanks to the support of customers like you, we have since grown into a community that reaches dozens of countries around the world. 

The OZNaturals brand has grown worldwide to be a recognized brand. Unfortunately, this growth comes with gaining the attention of unscrupulous actors, including e-commerce companies that don’t play by the rules creating counterfeit and unsafe products and faking reviews to seem authentic. As our products gain popularity because of supporters like you, we see more and more counterfeiters and knocks offs emerging in the market. 

We have been working hard to come up with ways to keep you safe, and to ensure that when you purchase an OZNaturals product, you can feel confident about your purchase knowing it came from our lab to you. 


OZNaturals is available online through, and through our official Amazon page and through select online partners (if you have doubts, inquire with us via

We are NOT available on any marketplaces including Ebay, AliExpress, Wish, Daraz, NudeZ Beauty, Mumzworld, Alibaba, Ninth Avenue or any other marketplace.

In select markets, we are also available through distribution partners both in store and online. If you are in a store or market and have any doubts about your product, reach out to us by emailing

By purchasing from unauthorized retailers you may put yourself at risk of the following: 

• Purchasing imitation, expired, or damaged products
• Purchase products with unsafe chemicals and harmful ingredients that may permanently damage your skin
• Not receiving the products you purchased
• Receiving products that cannot be returned 
• Receiving poor advice on the proper use of the product you’ve purchased 
• Purchasing products that are not suitable for your skin type or condition 
• Purchasing product that could be harmful to your health


Counterfeit or fake versions of OZNaturals products are those that look similar to our product logo and packaging. These products are not made by OZNaturals and do not use the same ingredients or formulations. They have been found to contain harmful products like heavy metals, carcinogens and animal waste products. 

Some counterfeit products have gotten so good at recreating our packaging that it can be impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye. That is why OZNaturals has been working hard behind the scenes to find ways to protect you, our customers.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Systech. Systech’s technology will make it possible for you to scan your product barcode to check its authenticity before you buy. Remember that this website and our brand owned Amazon pages are the ONLY place you can purchase our products online.


Systech’s technology is called UniSecure and uses your OZNaturals product barcode as a digital fingerprint. Even scanning a photocopy of an authentic barcode cannot fool the system.

The new system is being rolled out starting in December 2020 with our two most counterfeited products, the Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The full rollout of this will take a few months depending on how quickly our retailers sell through our products. While we do this, we may have some products in the market (and at stores) that are still authentic and manufactured just before we implemented this technology. 

You may notice some products have a sticker over the barcode.  This is our first pass at using the technology in the field.  There are still authentic products available for sale that have this sticker over the barcode. Below you will see a list of authentic OZNaturals batch numbers that have started to ship with this sticker over their barcode as we prepare for the launch of our app. Rest assured, these products are authentic:

Lot Code: 0B022A
Distributor: Sada Al-Hossam Trading
Country: Iraq


Companies specializing in knock offs, like Pretty Cowry, and Cully, create products that look exactly like well-loved and popular brands like OZ Naturals using very similar artwork, replicating logos, packaging colors/details and using our product names. 

These products are in no way affiliated with OZNaturals, and we cannot guarantee or insure the safety or quality of their products. Do not take the risk.