The change of seasons is a perfect time to change routines and establish new habits.  With the lazy days of summer behind us, it’s also an excellent time to reevaluate your beauty routine and commit to a consistent program. Making a conscious effort to take better care of your skin can have you looking and feeling better in a matter of weeks. Here are our top tips to get started:

  • Evaluate where your skin is today. Too often we fall into a rut of thinking of our skin’s condition as static, when in fact our skin is constantly changing in response to climate, hormones, age and other factors.  Just because your skin was oily this summer doesn’t mean it is reacting the same way now.  Take a good look – you may be surprised to see some dry, flaky patches!
  • Clear out what isn’t working. We’re all guilty of hanging onto a product that we know isn’t working, either because we paid a lot of money for it or because we want to believe it’s right for us when it isn’t.  Just like cleaning out your closet of clothes that no longer fit is always a good idea, getting rid of outdated or ineffective products puts you on track to identifying what you need, and getting the best products for your skin now.
  • Identify your goals. We all want healthy, glowing radiant skin overall.  Chances are, however, there are one or two key areas where you’d like to see real improvement.  It might be some hyperpigmentation from too much sun, or fine lines in the eye area that you would like to diminish.  Knowing what you want to accomplish is the first step towards getting there.
  • Be consistent. While you may see signs of immediate improvement with your new products, the real payoff comes with regular and consistent usage.  Stick with your new skincare regimen and you’ll be rewarded with seriously better skin.
  • Make it part of your lifestyle. Give your skincare regimen a boost by taking good care of yourself.  The best products in the world can’t do their job fully if you’re not getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet or drinking enough water.  Making your skincare a priority can really be a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle overall.
  • Fall is an excellent time to start incorporating retinol products into your skincare regimen. This powerful but natural form of Vitamin A increases cell turnover, and combats hyperpigmentation and other signs of sun damage. If you’ve never used retinol before, start slow and gently build up to daily usage. And always use an SPF30 sunscreen.
  • If looking to combat long-term sun damage, or just give your skin a fresh start on the season, consider a glycolic acid peel. While not for sensitive skin types, our 30% Glycolic Acid Peel can greatly improve texture, tone and appearance for most skin types.

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